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Wednesday, June 15, 2016


   Candy UFO is a special element in the game. If it is switched with an adjacent candy, it will destroy that candy and put 3 Wrapped Candies on 3 random tiles of the board. Then, the Wrapped Candies are set off. 
It can be switched with another UFO, but not with an igredient or a Licorice Swirl. If there's a jelly under the UFO and the switched candy, 1 layer will be removed.
It can be found under Licorice Lock and Marmalade, but it cannot be activated before the blocker has been removed.
When you mix an UFO with a special candy, this candy is activated, then the UFO is activated.There are no special effects in this case.
If multiple UFOs are triggered at the same time, they are activated one by one.

Candy UFO is also a booster that can be activated during gameplay. 

It's not winnable from the Sugar Track and the Daily Booster Wheel.
Watch Candy UFO in the video below:

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