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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Jelly Fish

   Jelly Fish is a special candy that cannot be generated by any move. It can be seen at the start of some jelly levels, usually under Marmalade, and it can come out of a Mystery Candy. 
When it's matched with other candies of the same color or hit by another special candy, it summons three more Jelly Fishes and they eat three jelly squares at random. However, only one jelly fish can attack one square at a time.
If there is a jelly under a blocker (except for Licorice Swirl and Licorice Lock), the blocker will take a hit and a layer of jelly will be removed.
It has more powers when it's combined with other special candies.
Watch combos with Jelly Fish in the video below:

Jelly Fish is also a booster that can be activated before entering the game only on jelly and mixed levels. When selected, it adds one fish to the starting board and may re-spawn multiple times.

It can be bought with gold bars, but you can win it on Daily Booster Wheel and Sugar Track.
Watch all boosters of Candy Crush Saga in the video below:

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