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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Lucky Candy

   Lucky Candy appears only in candy order levels and can be matched like a normal candy. When it is matched with other candies of the same color or it is destroyed by a special candy, the Lucky Candy will turn into a candy type that the player needs to fulfill an order, whether it is a regular candy, a special candy, or even a blocker.
For example, if the player has to collect striped candies, the lucky candies will become striped candies, if the player must collect striped/wrapped combos then the Lucky Candy could be either a striped or a wrapped candy. They cannot be Color Bombs on levels where Color Bombs are not part of the order.

Lucky Candy is also a booster that can be activated before the game starts.
If part of the order has been fulfilled, they will only produce candies for the rest of the order.
During Sugar Crush Lucky Candy will turn into a random special candy and set off later.
They could be very useful on hard levels because they spawn several times during gameplay.

This booster is winnable on the Daily Booster Wheel and the Sugar Track.
Watch all Candy Crush boosters in the video below:

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