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Tuesday, July 12, 2016


   Once you complete an episode, you will need 3 tickets to unlock the next one. On web version, tickets are first requested at the end of the 2nd episode, while on mobile, at the end of the 3rd one. After this, to move on to the next episodes, three tickets are needed each time till the 64th episode.
Once you beat level 950, tickets are not required anymore (the ride is free).

You have 3 options to get your tickets: wait 72 hours, buy them with 9 gold bars (3 bars each) or ask friends.

72 hours means 3 days so, it doesn't really sound like an option.

                                        An episode unlocked by the Tooth Fairy

If you play the Sugar Track and have got many gold bars, buy them it might be an option, especially when you're waiting for the last one, but I definetely suggest you the 3rd one: ask friends. When "Ask for help" message comes up select all your Candy Crush friends.

Pay attention that on web version you can send up to 50 ticket requests at once, even though you had selected all Candy Crush friends. That's why, I suggest you to repeat this action several times (each time the game selects 50 random friends).

If you don't have too many friends, or your friends don't play this game and you don't want to bother them, you might take into cosideration to join a Facebook group.
You'll be surprised how many group members may help you, if you're a friendly person ready to return "the favor".

Mobile players have a 4th option to get the tickets: to play Mystery Quests. This option is available if the player is logg out from both King and Facebook and the device is not connected to internet.
You have to play 3 levels from the ones that you have already played, but this time the target score is higher. That wouldn't be a problem for you if you're a good player, but you have to wait 24 before playing the next one so, ...better ask friends!

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