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Sunday, July 17, 2016

+3 Extra Moves

Not to be confused with the +5 Extra Moves booster which you can  purchase when you fail a level.

+3 Extra Moves is the only booster that can be send to your friends and it cannot be bought or obtained through other methods.
When you receive an Extra Moves booster from your friend, a pink ribbon bow will show up on the level you have to play indicating that you have available +3 Extra Moves booster to use.
This booster gives you 3 additional moves to the game and it is specifically meant for a level only. If your friends give you 5 "+3 Extra Moves" when you are on level 125 for example, and you have completed it first try using this booster, you can't use the other 4 on level 126. Those can be used only when you'll replay level 125.

Another disadvantage of this booster is that you have to choose whether to use it before the game, rather than during the game when you know that you just need a few more moves and you could clear the level. Sometimes when you chose to use it, the game board is so unfavourable that you will never clear that level even if it is a 10 extra moves booster!
There is no way for somebody to ask for extra moves from his friends, they can send them only to players stuck for 2 days or more on a level.

Also, the player can't chose the friends to help with extra moves. Once a day, the game shows you 8 stuck friends and you can chose whether to give them extra moves or not.

On web version, if you click on the heart below "Play with friends",

you'll get a list with 8 stuck friends that can be helped with extra moves.

If you click again, you'll get another list and if you repeat this action several times, some already helped friends will be listed. This happens because you can help only the stuck friends, not all! And, if you want to help a certain friend, you have to click on "Play with friends" more times until his name is shown up.

+3 Extra Moves can't be used on timed levels, so if you're stuck on a timer more than 2 days, your friends will give you extra moves for the level after the timed one even though you haven't played it !

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