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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Level 1810

  A week after its release, this level has been redesigned. Now, it's easier to complete because there were added Candy Cannons that spawn 14-moves Candy Bombs. You may think that is a bad news but it isn't. Now you don't have to be as fast as the speed of light to complete this level even though you still need to get 200,000 points in 90 seconds. All you have to do is to make Color Bombs and match them with the candies that have the color of the Candy Bombs. The more Candy Bombs of the same color you have, the higher the score will be. 
I managed to form 2 Color Bombs in addition to the one I got right after the start and I got 3 stars on my third attempt!  Video below:


   The key to beat level 1810 is to make as many Color Bombs as possible and mix them with the most abundant color on the board.
But first, you have to open up the board, clearing off as much Icing as you can. Stripped Candy/Wrapped Candy combo removes a lot of Icing and once this blocker is gone, it gives you a lot of points, you should look for it.
I don't recommend you to switch the Color Bombs with Wrapped or Striped candies, because those combos don't score many points, use them only at the begining of the game, to remove the Icing. In addition, these combos transforms the Extra Time Candies in striped or wrapped candies, and you don't have to waste these "+5 seconds" candies. In fact, you should focus on making as many as you can!
This level cannot be done without making many, many Extra Time candies!
After many attempts, if you are close to beat it, but you still need some points, you could buy the Extra Time booster with gold bars, but it's up to you and your luck, when to do this. I don't suggest you to buy it if you have less than 150,000 points, but I repeat, it's your decision!
The video below shows you how I did it, and I'm not a very fast player, sometimes I stopped and watched for any possible opportunity of making Color Bombs.
Good Luck!

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