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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Level 1807

Candy Crush Saga Level 1807   Free the Coconut Wheels and roll them horizontally to hit the Popcorns. After the third hit the Popcorn will release the Color Bombs and Liquorice Swirls will fall from the Candy Cannons.
Just because Popcorns can be destroyed easier on pc, I mixed the Coconut Wheels, but if you play on mobile, don't do that. Activate horizontally 2 wheels, swap the third one with the candy above it to remove a layer of Icing, and roll horizontally the fourth one to hit the Popcorns.
Then, swap 2 Color Bombs to remove the blockers you need to collect and look for matches adjacent to Liquorice. 
If you use the Lucky Candy booster, this will become, more likely, a Liquorice Swirl.
Watch the video below, but do as I said, not as I did :) 

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