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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Coconut Wheel

   Coconut Wheel is a special candy that cannot be created by any candy combination.It can be seen at the start of the game, sometimes in Marmalade, and it may come out of Mystery Candies.
It can be activated when it is switched with a candy next to it, but it cannot be swaped with an ingredient or a Licorice Swirl. When activated, it destroys the switched candy, then transforms the next 3 candies into Striped Candies and set them off.
When it's moved horizontally, it creates 3 vertical Striped Candies, and when it's moved vertically, it produces 3 horizontally stripes.
During Sugar Crush, or when it is activated by another special candy, it will try to create 3 Striped Candies as well, but this time it will go randomly on the board.
It becomes more powerful when it is combined with another special candy.
Watch all Candy Crush Saga combos in the video below:

Coconut Wheel is also a booster that can be used only on ingredients and mixed levels( web version only).

Like other boosters, it can be bought with gold bars, but it's winnable from the Daily Spin Booster and from Sugar Track.
Watch Coconut Wheel booster in the video below:

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