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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Level 1809

Candy Crush Saga Level 1809   The board layout of this level doesn't look friendly with all that Multilayed Icing and 6 candy colors, but there are 2 good news: there are Chameleon Candies that could match themselves when they change color, and you don't have to collect all Icing on the board.
Removing the Icing from the center raw within the first moves helps you make out larger space to play with and gives you more chances to make special candies sooner. Once you get them, look for other opportunities to make special candies, and activate as many combos as you can.
The Conveyor Belt may spoil your combos plans, but it also trigger needed cascades, just like playing from the bottom.
If this level gives you a hard time and you don't have boosters like Lollipop Hammers or Free Switches, that can help you to make special candies, wait for a lucky board, just like in the video below:

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