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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Level 2828

   This is a very hard level! You don't have much space to play on at the beginning, and in order to get more room you have to destroy the magic mixer as soon as you can. After that you will have to clear the regular icing in the two isolated columns to make the cannons release the lucky candies. If you try to fire a vertical stripe or a tripe/wrap combo from the bottom in the 2 columns, one lucky candy will be activated and will turn into a popcorn in that column. For this reason, it is recommended to use a stripe/wrap combo from the top of the board or a color bomb/color bomb combo to clear the icing and get the lucky candies onto the main board. There could be maximum 2 lucky candies on the board and as soon as you match one, a new lucky candy will fall from the cannons. Once you have popcorns on the board, use any specials you have on them, but look for wrapped candies if you have enough moves left, they are the best in this level.
Video below, good luck!

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