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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Level 2825

   The yellows needed for the order come out of the lucky candies that fall from the cannons in the first and last columns. There are already 10 lucky candies on the starting board and in order to have more you have to unlock the candies in the second and the eighth columns. It is possible to complete the order with the lucky candies from a single cannon, but if you unlock both of them you have more chances to pass this level.
 The lucky candies slide down diagonally only in the first and last 2 columns for this reason you'll never have lucky candies on the upper part of the board, but only on the bottom, where the teleporters can bring them if the candies under the chocolate spawner are unlocked. Here, on the bottom you can also use regular matches, not only special candies to turn them into yellows.
 In the photo below, you can see how the teleporters work:

  Video below, good luck!

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