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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Level 2823

   There are 4 red sugar keys in the isolated column on the board and if you don't clear a key or a candy, the chocolate will help you collecting them by swallowing them up. But if you do take out an element from the isolated column, no other candies will fall there and the chocolate will stop. And, more important, you will have to collect the remaining keys with special candies.
   So, it is better to collect the keys as soon as you can, or just leave them there and let the chocolate do the job?
   First off, you have to clear them because there are jellies under the candies in sugar chests. Then, in my opinion, you should focus on making specials to clear more jellies on the board and think about keys later if chocolate left any. Why? Because the second key unlock the liquorice cannon and the third one unlock the 6 turns candy bombs cannon and it's very hard to clear the jellies with up to 7 liquorice swirls and up to 7 candy bombs on the board. The mystery candies that fall from the cannon unlocked by the first key and the stripes that fall from the cannon unlocked by the 4th one could make your task easier but it's not worth the risk in my opinion. Better make some specials first, and activating too if they don't hit the keys (like wrapped candies), then use them after the keys are collected.
  Video below, good luck!

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