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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Level 2820

   There are 3 cannons that spawn candy bombs that are shielded by the popcorns in the upper conveyor and by the locked liquorice swirls and empty tiles in the lower one. With every turn a bomb from the top conveyor goes onto the bottom one and a new candy bomb falls from the cannons. If there is enough space, there are up to 10 candy bombs on the board.
  The have 15 turns, and in order to remove them, you have to clear some blockers first. The first blocker you have to remove, is the 4th popcorn in the 4th row (the one in the corner). If you destroy it, more bombs will fall onto the main board, and you will be able to clear them with regular matches too.
   So, make special candies, and use them on popcorns first, then use the color bombs on colors that have the most numerous candy bombs to boost your score.
   Video below, good luck!

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