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Monday, October 2, 2017

Level 2819

   The jellies in the 2 isolated quadrants are hard to reach and the fish and the candy frog seem to be present on the board only for them. In the both quadrants, the candy next to jelly fish is not covered in marmalade as a sign that there is the perfect place you can land the frog on.
   But it's not quite like that. The jelly fish are covered in marmalade and you have to grow the frog multiple times, and is not easy to do that with 5 colors on the board in 26 moves. In addition to that, if you release the fish soon, they will more likely target the candies in the middle, which is not an important gain.
   Yes, you have to grow the frog as soon as you can, but you have to use it on popcorns first, and then on fish, if needed. And not just because there are jellies under the popcorns, but because you can mix the resulting color bombs with a stripe or wrap that would clear more jellies that the fish. I recommend to use it on the upper popcorn first, because it is harder to be reached.
  Video below, good luck!


  1. Used CB/Wrap with fish and reset till had a good number of jellies same color as wrap; Opened the board with multiple hits to the popcorn. Grew the frog and set next to the top popcorn and opened CB. Simple cleanup after fish had run. Done first try.


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