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Monday, October 2, 2017

Level 2818

   The first thing to do is to remove the liquorice locks, and if you make a special too in the process, it can be used on the 2-layered icing in the right area. You can clear the icing with regular matches and combos formed in the left area too, but you have to do it early.
   While you remove the icing, the chocolate will swallow up the 4 candies above the locked keys, but it won't spread more because there are conveyor belts and the chocolate, like any other immovable blocker, can't stay on the conveyor. If you can fire a special candy to unlock the keys, like a horizontal stripe on the bottom of the left board, the chocolate will more likely cover them.
   Collecting the keys is not mandatory here, they don't unlock the ingredient's cannon. The ingredients can be brought down in the first and last columns of the right area, but clearing out the chocolate is mandatory because it blocks the exits of the ingredients. If you clear the keys when you do that, the liquorice cannon will spawn up to 12 swirls, leaving you less room to make specials. For this reason, it is better to save some special candy for the second ingredient, if you can bring down the first one with regular matches.
  Video below, good luck! 

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