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Monday, October 2, 2017

Level 2814

   There is a striped candy cannon that drop up to 20 stripes, but there are also sugar chests where they are falling. You have to clear the sugar keys that fall from their cannons in the first and last 3 columns, in order to make more fall.
   First thing to do, is to clear the icing, to have more room for making special candies, but you have to do it early and you have to use combos for more damages. Once some icing is gone, keys will fall, one after the previous was cleared, and the chocolate could be helpful at this point, if it covers them.
However, the keys are not your priority. You should focus on making combos and the best one, needless to say, is the color bomb/stripe combo. The more keys you collected when a combo is fired, the more striped candies in the isolated areas can be hit by those combos. Depending on the stripes direction, more striped candies can be activated by each other. Also, in case of the color bomb/stripe combo: the more blockers you have cleared, the more target colors you could have on the board.
   Video below, good luck!

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