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Monday, October 2, 2017

Level 2813

   With only 4 candy colors on the board it's easy to make special candies, and you should do a lot of them to remove the icings in the middle as soon as you can. The jellies under the icings are fairly easy to remove, if combos don't hit them, the cascades can do it for you, you don't have to waste moves on them. You should focus on the icings, because once removed, the liquorice swirls will fall onto the main board and you'll have more possibilities to clear the jellies in the first and last columns.
   If you clear a liquorice swirl with a special candy, other swirls will fall after a few moves, not right away, up to 10 if there is enough space, but if you use those moves elsewhere without hitting the liquorice, it is possible that new swirls will take the place of the ones that you've just cleared. Obviously, to be sure that none liquorice will fall, you have to make matches near it, but you can do that only after it falls onto the main board.
For this reason, the jellies in the first and last columns are the hardest to clear and the best specials for removing them are the wrapped candies, better if you can mix them with a color bomb if you have target colors in those columns. And also for this reason, the color bomb/color bomb might not be the best combo here. If the liquorice fall before that combo remove all the elements from the board, you will have to make other combos for the jellies that were protected by the liquorice, and you'll might not have enough moves for that!
   It is possible that some of you have seen others videos on youtube, where other players clear all jellies pretty fast. Many of those videos are played on the old format, where a stripe can clear a liquorice and a jelly in one hit, unlike on the new format where a stripe clears only the liquorice but not the jelly. If you can play on that format too, good for you, but if you don't, you'll never pass this level doing the things that player did.
   Video below, good luck!


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