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Monday, October 2, 2017

Level 2812

   Every magic mixer spawns 2 liquorice swirls, but as long as there are popcorns above them and the teleporters are blocked by the locked candies in the first and last columns, they only turn the 2 candies below them into liquorice. For this reason, it is better to focus on popcorns first and unlock the candies later. If you can mix the 2 color bombs that come out of the popcorns, you will remove all liquorice locks from the board, but right after destroying the popcorns you should focus on the magic mixers no matter what special candy you have to hit them. However, it's right to say that wrapped candies are the best specials to pop the popcorns and to destroy the mixers, especially if there are some liquorice swirls above the mixers. If you can mix a wrap with another wrap, better still.
   Once the mixers are gone, any combo is good to remove the jellies and probably the best is color bomb/stripe which helped me to pass the level with 7 moves left.
   Video below, good luck!

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