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Monday, October 2, 2017

Level 2811

   You don't have enough moves to clear the icings and the jellies under them with matches and combos. You have to use the fish for that, because they take a layer of icing and jelly in one hit. You have already 17 locked fish on the starting board and the bobber will spawn others if hit with special candies. You can also add the fish booster if this level gives you a hard time, but clearing the jellies is not the hardest task in this level!
   Bringing down the ingredients is the other objective and is harder, in my opinion, then clearing the jellies, because the ingredients need to be unlocked in the early stages by the fish and you have to collect them before the conveyor belt take them away from the exits. The best exit points are at the bottom of the middle columns and the ingredient from the upper right corner arrives above them easier because of the direction of the conveyor belt. The other ingredient must be carried by the conveyor in the second row above the bobber if you're not lucky enough to clear the five-layered icing in the second column.
   Keep in mind that there are stuck zones in the 3rd and 7th columns  as shown in the picture below, so avoid to match candies under the ingredients, when they are in the 3rd row in the 2nd and 8th column (position 1 and 2):

Video below, good luck!

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