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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Level 2798

   This is a tricky level. The liquorice swirls needed for the order come from 2 sources. One is the liquorice cannons at the bottom of the board, the other are the magic mixers.
   The magic mixers produce 3 liquorice swirls every 3 moves and the cannons spawn up to 50 liquorice swirls if there is enough space. Why so many? Because it counts the liquorice spawn by the magic mixers too.
If you destroy the magic mixers earlier, you'll have more room to make special candies needed to remove the liquorice from the bottom, but you'll need a lot of specials in not so many moves. On the other hand, if you let magic mixers spawn too much liquorice, soon you will not have too many possible moves.
In my opinion you have to collect the liquorice from both sources, making some moves in the corners and letting the mixers spawn some liquorice, then removing it and once magic mixers are gone to attack the liquorice at the bottom with special candies.
 Video below, good luck!

The level has been redesigned. Here's the new video:

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