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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Level 2797

   The striped candies that fall from the cannons in the first and last columns could be useful to remove the icing and jellies in those columns, but they fall every 4 moves, and only if there are no stripes on the board. With only 4 colors on the board, you have big chances to form striped candies, and in this case none other will fall, so don't rely on them to pass this level.
   Try to make specials on the right side of the board, because it's easier to form them there and mix them to remove the liquorice locks first and clear the jellies later.
   Once you have cleared the blockers in the second column, up to 16 liquorice swirls will fall from their cannon, if there is enough space, making more difficult to clear the jellies in that area. At this point you will have to remove some liquorice and the best specials for that are the wrapped candies. If you can mix them with a color bomb, better still, but like I said, combos are easier to make on the right side of the board.
Video below, good luck!

The level has been redesigned, now there are only 19 moves. Below the new video:

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