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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Level 2796

   The moves are very limited here because there are liquorice swirls and missing tiles, but with 4 colors you still have more possible moves most of the time.
At the begining there is only liquorice on the ingredient's path, but once you start making matches, regular candies will slide and will take the place of the cleared swirls. This could be a good thing, if you can mix a color bomb with a stripe or wrap and there are target colors on the ingredient's way.
There are 20 liquorice swirls on the starting board and if you match candies near them, none will fall, but when you won't be able to do that, the board will spawn up to 20 again.
   You have to bring down 2 ingredients in this level, but the second will drop only after the first one is collected.
 If you have the space dash boosters, the color bomb/color bomb combo is not a good option as the first move, because it clears all elements from left to right and the ingredient path is from right to left. I would mix a color bomb with a wrap instead, but it's your choice!
Video below, good luck!

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