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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Level 2784

   The second jelly time level and, without a shadow of a doubt, the hardest level of this episode.
You have 1 minute to clear 51 jellies and the "+5" candies that fall from the cannons can extend your gameplay for a long time, but liquorice also is falling from those cannons if you don't make matches near it and with 5 colors on the board you will not have many available moves.
Most of the time you will be able to match candies only in 1 part of the board and you'll not have enough time to clear the jellies from the other part, let alone the jellies in the middle!
Your worst enemy here is not the clock, but the liquorice! So, try to make matches in the columns 1 ad 9, this will allow the liquorice to fall through the teleporters as shown in the picture below:

There are 11 maximum liquorice swirls on the board, if you make them fall in the first and last columns no others will fall, in fact 2 "+5" candies will fall every 2 moves if there is enough space.
Once you have them in the columns 1 and 9, match candies near it and when there is no liquorice in the middle diagonal try to activate a combo to clear as many jellies as possible. I know, it's very hard to make specials on a board like this, but if you have free switch boosters use them to make combos, because without combos this level can't be done. If you can't make any specials, start again to make matches in the first and last columns hoping that you will have that opportunity later.
   I was able to make 2 color bombs, but I needed more that 70 goes for that.
If you have the space dash boosters try to activate them after you cleared some liquorice, for a better result.
Video below, good luck!

There is a bug on the old format (flash version) that prevents the player to use boosters, because this format doesn't recognize the new mixed level type. In fact, the message before the game says: "Turn all red jellies green to complete the level!". You might think that it's harder on this format, especially if you use boosters frequently, but it's not quite like that. On the flash version, there is also another glitch that allows  a striped candy to clear at the same time the liquorice and the jelly underneath, making it it easier. For this reason, some youtube players switched to the old format just to show how they completed this level without boosters, being unable to do it on the new one like me 😃.

   The level has been redesigned. Now there are only 4 colors on the board and it's easier to make special candies, but you have only 35 seconds to clear all jellies.
   Updated video below, good luck!

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