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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Level 2783

   The amount of icings and liquorice needed for the orders are already on the starting board, so if you clear them before matching or hitting the lucky candies with specials, those, the lucky candies, will turn into yellows only, when matched or hit. 
Best thing to do is to remove the icings first, this will allow the teleporters to bring the liquorice and the lucky candies on the main board. Then, remove the liquorice with specials or matches near it and focus on the lucky candies only when you finished the blockers' orders.
If you mach or hit the lucky candies within your first moves, more likely they will turn into blockers
and you'll have less space to make specials candies on. 
Video below, good luck!
   The level has been redesigned and now there are only 22 moves. I haven't replayed it because I had 4 moves left when I first played it, so I passed it in 21 moves.

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