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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Level 2782

   In this level you have to collect 2 ingredients in 18 moves. The first thing to do is to remove the 2-layered icing in the first and last 2 columns that blocks the teleporters.
Once you did that, you'll have more opportunities to match candies above the color bombs and free them from marmalade. The candy frog is above the exits of the ingredients, so if you mix 2 side by side color bombs, those will remove the liquorice, but will not drop down the ingredient.
Therefore, you have to grow the frog and put it out of the ingredient's path and the fastest way to do that is to mix the color bombs with the frog's color. 
The second ingredient will appear once you have collected the first one and you can match again the color bombs with the frog's color to collect it, or if it's easier, mix the color bombs with the colors that are under the ingredient, like I did in the video below.
Good luck!
   The level has been redesigned. Now the liquorice swirls at the bottom are locked and you have to either use the frog more times or switch 2 color bombs at least once.
   Updated video below, good luck!

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