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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Level 2781

   Level 2781 introduces a new mixed level type: jelly and timed. In other words you have to clear all the jellies in a certain amount of time. In this case, you have to clear 53 jellies in 80 seconds.
There is regular icing on the main board that should be cleared as soon as possible , to allow more candies to fall and therefore to have more opportunities to make special candies. With only 4 colors on the board, you'll have a lot of cascades once you have cleared some icings and there will be pretty easy to remove the jellies from the main board.
The jellies from the isolated tiles can be cleared only with the help of special candies. Color bombs are the best and if you can mix them with other specials, better still. Horizontal striped candies or stripe/wrap combos are also good.
Note that +5 candies will not fall, no matter of how many cascades you have, so be quick but, more important: DON'T PANIC 😆! There is enough time to make specials and complete this level.
Video below, good luck!

   The level has been redesigned. Now there are only 45 seconds and the extratime candies in the isolated columns are locked. The best way to unlocked them first and clear later, is to make a color bomb/stripe combo when you have many target colors in those tiles.
   Updated video below, good luck!

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