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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Level 2767

   At the begining look for wrapped candies. They are the best specials to open up the board and if you can make a wrap/wrap combo, better still.
After you cleared some liquorice, you can use other combos too, if cascades brought them, don't waste your moves to make them, because you don't have many.
The jelly in the isolated tile is the hardest to clear, the stripes at the bottom can help you with that if you removed the liquorice in the bottom row, but a color bomb/stripe combo could be a better help if you have target colors on the same row. If you can mix a color bomb with a wrap that has the same color of the candy that is in that tile, it's even better!
Video below, good luck!

There are less moves now, only 17 and you need more luck now in order to pass this level. You need more cascades now and once you cleared the liquorice in the isolated tile, you should look for the color bomb/wrap combo, because it seems that there are not enough moves to clear that jelly with other combos.
Video of the new version below:

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