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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Level 2766

   You need special candies to pop the popcorn in the middle and if you clear some icing first, you'll have more chances to make them. Anyways, avoid to unlock the candies near chocolate within your first moves. Do it when you have some specials on the board ready to attack the chocolate.
If you make stripes and wraps in the last columns, use the teleporters to bring them in the bottom of the first 2 columns. That's the ideal spot for a striped/wrapped combo that could clear all chocolate in 1 move.
As for the popcorn in the middle, a wrapped candy is good only if mixed with another wrapped or a striped in the middle, otherwise look for stripes and if you can mix them with other specials, better still. The best combo here is color bomb/striped candy.The more candies of the target color there are on the board, the more chances to pass this level you have.
Video below, good luck!

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