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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Level 2754

   This is the hardest level of the episode and, in a way, it reminds of the nightmare level 2747. The moves are very restricted on the initial board, and with 5 colors it's not easy to make the much needed specials candies to remove the blockers that take up almost all the space.
The mystery candies that fall from the cannons in the columns 2 and 8 could be helpful, but if they don't fall soon and if you get bad outcomes, you'll more likely fail the level.Keep in mind that a new mystery candy will fall only after the previous one was matched.
You need a lucky board, where cascades help you removing the icing on the sides soon, and where mystery candies gives you good outcomes pretty soon, but more than that where you can make a lot of combos.
The color bomb mixed with a stripe or a wrap is very good towards the end of the level, it doesn't help you much at the begining, where vertical striped candies and stripe/wrap combo could do more damage.
  If the Space Dash event is active, restart the board until you have 2 color bombs side by side and mix them right after the start of the level, and if needed and available use hammers for the last jellies.
Video below.Good luck!

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