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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Level 2752

   With 4 colors on the board, it's easy to make special candies and a lot of cascades are triggered. So, use them right away to destroy the popcorns and the magic mixers.
The latter doesn't produce liquorice, so will not help you with the other order. They spit regular icing that can block the liquorice columns and for that, the sooner you remove them, the better is.
Make your moves carefully, because the liquorice swirls fall every 3 moves and you have to wait 1 more if you make machtes near them. Also, keep in mind that the maximum number of liquorice on the board is 10.
Usually, the lucky candy booster (the check mark) is helpful in the upper levels, but not on this. I don't recommend you to use it, because it can turn in a popcorn and you will have less space to play on.
Video below.
Good luck!

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